Business Casual Copywriting

Business Casual Copywriting – What Is It And Should You Use It?

Business casual copywriting is just one of the many writing forms that you might be considering for your website. But what exactly is business casual and is it going to add value to your company and its marketing? Just as importantly, will it suit your brand voice?

The main purpose of business copywriting is to attract new visitors, then convert them into returning customers who will add to the profitability of your business. To achieve this, your copy needs to speak to your intended audience and encourage them to want what you have to offer. The copy you offer your customers will depend on the sector you are aiming at, and this is also true of the voice you use in your writing. Generally, the voice you use is either first, second or third person. First person is great for talking about yourself and the company history, but it is also considered very informal. Third person is usually found in reports and whitepapers where impartiality is very important. It is the more formal voice, akin to wearing a suit and tie to work. That leaves you with writing copy in the second person. It could be seen as the compromise position; the business casual of copy. It allows the freelance copywriter to address the reader directly (‘you’ and ‘yours’, for instance); to be personable without being too informal and losing credibility. The majority of blogs, articles and reviews are written in this style because it is engaging and puts the reader at the centre.

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