Business Copywriting Services

Business Copywriting Services – What Can You Expect From Such Services

Business copywriting services may differ depending on the copywriter you choose to use. To help you find the right writer for your business, here are some of the services that you can expect a professional to offer to your company.

Any freelance copywriter, no matter their specific area of expertise, needs to be an expert in working with the English language. They should be able to craft copy that is suitable both for the occasion and the audience, and that is in keeping with your brand voice. Those offering business copywriting should also have an understanding of the customer. This will include working with, if not creating, customer avatars and understanding the unique selling points of a product or service. Knowledge of search engine optimisation, including up to date information on the algorithms used by the major search engines, is another must. If they are unable to drive your content higher up the rankings, then it will never be seen by your potential customers. Knowledge of the sales cycle and the key decision points where customers are most easily won or lost is also essential: without this, your content will not hit the mark when needed. If your copywriter is able to work with your content management system to upload and edit content, then this is a definite benefit. The ability to draft copy in a wide range of content styles, both online and in print, is also an advantage, particularly if you suddenly find you need a press release, video script or speech.

Through Jo’s Proofreading and Copywriting, I offer a full range of business copywriting services including a wide range of copy styles, editing and proofreading. By working closely with you and your marketing strategy, I can reach both new and existing customers, and promote your brand effectively online and in print. To see how previous clients have benefitted, visit and call me on 01183280222.