Business To Business Copywriter

Business To Business Copywriter For Copy That Changes Your Outlook

Business to business copywriter: you may think that, as a business to business company, you don’t need this type of support. However, B2B companies can benefit greatly from the work of an experienced copywriter, particularly if they can demonstrate previous success in writing the types of copy that engage B2B users.

If you sell to other businesses, then you may not need typical customer-focused blog posts. You may instead be looking for more formal communications with your buyers and partners. A skilled freelance copywriter is able to create this type of copy both in print and on the web. The copy may take the form of terms of service agreements, or code of conduct policies. The wording of these types of documents is of critical importance and often has to be agreed by a legal team as well. Knowing that you have someone working with you who has business copywriting experience and can make this their sole focus means that you are likely to have terms agreed with your buyer much quicker. Other aspects that you may want to consider having written by a copywriter may include tutorials or instruction manuals. These provide a handy guide to your products that can be in print and on your website. They can form part of your customer service support, or your in-house team support for new employees. Knowing that such a document has been written clearly in a language that is easily understood at all levels makes collaborative working that much easier.

A business to business copywriter can be a valuable member of your team. If it is a service that you need on a freelance basis, then contact me at Jo’s Proofreading and Copywriting today on 01183280222. Alternatively, or visit my website,, to find out more about the services I provide and my affordable rates.