Business To Business Copywriting

Business To Business Copywriting – Does It Differ From Business To Consumer Writing?

Business to business copywriting is just as essential to businesses as writing for the end consumer. While there are differences for the copywriter to consider, the skills required to write for the B2B market are essentially the same.

When writing for the B2B market, your copywriter still needs to be able to identify and understand the intended audience. However, the target audience may come from more than one customer sector; for example, a business lawyer may offer services to a wide range of other businesses. Therefore, any copy your freelance copywriter produces needs to appeal equally to an individual who owns a small local business as it does to the branch manager of an international company. Both may have the same requirement - for example, needing employment advice - but their business models, individual approaches and terms of employment will vary greatly. A B2B business copywriting service will also still need to take account of search engine optimisation (‘SEO’) when researching keywords for their copy. It is just as important for B2B companies to be found high in the search engine rankings as it is for B2C companies. The copywriter your business uses will also still need to be able to understand the product or service and produce compelling copy that encourages the business customer to use your company instead of another. One difference here however, may be the level of knowledge that needs to be included in the copy. More in depth technical knowledge especially, or the ability to quickly assimilate complex information, may be required from a B2B copywriter.

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