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Copywriter Website Portfolio – The Gateway To The Best Copywriter

Copywriter website portfolio: if you are searching for the right copywriter to take your brand onto the web, then you need to see this vital information. Hiring a writer to produce your copy could make a huge difference to your fortunes. Checking their portfolio is one key way to ensure it is a positive difference.

Portfolios are important in a number of professions and copywriting is no different. It provides an opportunity for the copywriter to showcase their talents, and in some cases their previous clients. However, it is not enough for a freelance copywriter to simply have a portfolio; it also has to tick all the right boxes. Firstly, it should be easy to find. Whether it forms a part of their main website, or is on a separate site, it should figure highly on your search engine results. This gives a strong indication that it is both relevant and popular. It also shows an understanding of SEO on the part of the website copywriter. Once you click through to the portfolio, it should be well organised and easy to navigate. Even if you are going to be doing the technical uploading and publishing aspects of your own website, you need to see the that copywriter understands elements such as user experience. The copy that is included in the portfolio should provide range as well as depth. It should showcase different writing types and an ability to reach different audiences. Ideally there should also be some background on the writer themselves as well. Finally, look for contact information so you can ask questions or move on to hiring the copywriter.

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