Small Business Copywriter

Small Business Copywriter – More Cost Effective Than Doing It Yourself

Small business copywriter? With financial margins being tighter than ever, it can be tempting to think that this is one person your business can do without. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Hiring a copywriter to support your small business and its marketing strategy will actually save you money over the longer term.

If you run a small business, then the chances are that you already take on several different roles on any given day. Even if you do employ staff, both they and you probably multi-task already. Given this, do you really want to add writing copy for your website and other promotional materials to your list of jobs? Hiring a professional freelance copywriter takes a huge weight off your shoulders. Once you have provided them with the details they need, a good quality copywriter can just get on with the task at hand. This leave you free to look after other more pressing aspects of your business, whether it is organising deliveries or sorting stock orders. As well as saving you time, there are the skills and experience of the copywriter to consider. You may be able to create exciting copy, but can you do the required research into similar products and services, find out where your customers spend their time online and research appropriate keywords? A person skilled in business copywriting can do all of this and more. The right copywriter for you can also manage your social media presence and upload to your content management site, saving you more time and stress. This in the long run equates to saving you money.

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