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Website Copywriter Choices - What Makes Good Copy?

Website copywriter options are numerous. Everybody thinks themselves a writer when, really, it takes a special eye to write nuanced copy that will appeal to the right audience without alienating others. Great website copy has to straddle the boundary between being accessible and too technical, especially if you’re a company that uses a lot of technical jargon on a daily basis. By employing an excellent freelance copywriter to develop your website copy, you will find someone who can easily condense your message to your customers in a deceptively simple way. Don’t be surprised if they ask plenty of questions about your business.

A Freelance Copywriter Will Get To Know Your Business

Perhaps the single, most important job of any web content copywriter is to convey a correct yet flattering image of your business to clients and potential clients. This is true whether you’re a small business in Manchester selling bespoke hairpins or a financial consultancy in the heart of London. To create good web copy, a website copywriter will need to know who you’re aiming your product or services towards. This helps them form a picture of the ideal reader in their minds. For instance, if you sell exclusively homemade female cosmetics, your ideal reader probably won’t be an elderly man. Knowing who they’re targeting web copy towards will help your website content copywriter to target them effectively. Similarly, selling your product or service is likely to be the ultimate goal of your website. To do this, you’ll need a copywriter or business copywrting solution who can highlight the benefits and features your business offers in a way that shows your clients how you differ from your competitors. For example, your brochure may say that you sell hammers. Well, it’s the copywriter’s job to ensure that these hammers sound better than those of your competitor; and ensure a reader will buy from you and not them. It takes skill. Only those copywriters with extensive experience in writing marketing copy for businesses will be able to compose appropriate text for your website. Your website is your number one online marketing tool. Don’t risk hiring an inferior copywriter and waste the opportunity to make a fantastic first impression on existing and potential clients alike.

What Does An Excellent Web Site Copywriter Know That You Don’t?

When you work with a really good web site copywriter, you’ll be able to identify the effectiveness of their copy, even if you can’t pinpoint exactly what makes it brilliant. There are many aspects to creating great copy. These range from knowing your client, as discussed above, to having a thorough grasp of the English language. Merely getting your point across isn’t good enough. Copywriter website options offer you so much more versatility than trying to explain alone why your products or services are worth purchasing. A good copywriter will produce impeccable copy that is free from spelling or grammar errors. This immediately makes a better impression on your website visitors than content riddled with mistakes. Experienced website copywriters will also know what looks good on a web page. Instead of inputting huge chunks of text that are painful to the eye, they will break it up with sub-headings, bullet points and shorter paragraphs. All this is designed to make your website look as inviting as possible whilst still conveying your core messages to your potential clients. You may think that loading your home page with as much text as you can fit on the page is beneficial, but a competent copywriter will know how much is too much. If you’re going to put your trust in a copywriter to make your business sparkle online, ensure that you listen to their advice. A reputable company like Jo’s Proofreading and Copywriting will be able to produce outstanding copy that draws clients into your website, whatever the nature of your business.

Find Your Perfect Website Copywriter With Jo’s Proofreading And Copywriting

In your search for an ideal freelance copywriter, look no further than Jo’s Proofreading and Copywriting. I have years of experience in delivering compelling website copy to clients of all shapes and sizes. As well as working with businesses and charities on their websites, I also offer proofreading and editing services for existing websites and other pieces of written content. If you think your website needs refreshing by a professional website copywriter, get in touch with me today. You can call on 01183280222 for an informal chat about your requirements or visit my website at and contact me through there.